New news is good news. I finally landed my dream job of decorating. . .ok, so it's not decorating cakes, but at least it's creative! I got a job as a cookie decorator at Cookies By Design in Coralville. The grand opening is Monday, July 12. If you wanna check it out it's
I've been practicing my hand at coloring icing, baking and getting used to holding a pastry bag for 5 hours a day. My hands better get used to this fast or I'm gonna be in big trouble, seeing as each cookie has to be decorated in under 3 minutes. Yeesh. I love it, though. It's just what I've been waiting for!

Anna and Mikey are getting married! I feel ooooooooooooold!
this is the biggest news in the shepherd saga since inga mae peterson was born. plans are already being made and the date is set for may 13, 2011. you should see anna now. we all know how (in pretty much every aspect of her life) she runs full speed ahead, but i've never seen her going this fast!
i'm already hired to make the cake (chocolate hawaiian truffle) and the "mints" which are actually going to be truffles. seriously, who likes those mints anyway? this cake is gonna my masterpiece. . .i should start practicing now. lava cake, anyone?
anna is such an individualist. her ring is fashioned after the one that Galadriel wears in Lord of the Rings...i thought that was pretty cool. most wedding rings are super boring and they all look the same.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

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